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& English Translations

If you have any documents you need translating from Greek, Spanish, Arabic or Portuguese into English, I can assist. Thanks to my near-native level of English and a university education in English, I have been entrusted to complete work into English for the European Commission and European Parliament on several occasions. Partnering with English proofreaders, I ensure your translation sounds completely natural.


Here are the types of documents I translate.

Legal Translation:

Are you a law firm seeking a professional legal translator you can rely on for premium translation services?

Having worked for several years as a freelance translator of EU documents and with qualifications in Islamic law and US common law, I possess a solid knowledge of various legal systems. You see, no legal system is the same. As you probably already know, religion plays a huge part in Islamic law. But that is not the case with all legal systems; even legal systems within the same family are not the same, just think how different the US system is from the English one. I am attuned to these subtleties.

That is what fascinates me about legal translation and it is the reason why I continue to learn and study various legal systems. In other words, I apply my knowledge and inject my passion for law into every translation I carry out. You can trust me to translate your legal documents accurately and efficiently.

What I can translate for you:

  • Witness statements
  • Sentences
  • Judgments
  • Sales contracts
  • Lease contracts
  • Construction project contracts
  • Supply contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Tender documents
  • Employment agreements

Marketing Translation:

Are you a company seeking a professional Greek translator to translate your marketing materials in the right style and tone of voice to get a specific message across to clients?

A good marketing translation means translating the text without losing the client’s core values. Whether it is an advertising brochure or a product presentation, the essential message, tone of voice, and core values must remain in order for it to be a quality translation.

Through reading, travel, and personal interaction with people from different regions in the Americas and the Middle East, I have learned a great deal about how culture impacts a translation. Once you understand a country’s culture and its customs, you can translate a text a lot more in tune with that country’s language and beliefs. Understanding a country’s attitudes and business tactics allows me to perform marketing translations to a tee.

What I can translate for you:

  • Promotional material
  • Product presentations
  • Advertising brochures
  • Marketing campaign material

Business Translation:

Do you want your business to boom in new markets? Clear communication is the solution. Let me bring your business to an international market without losing its core values or integrity. With my concrete experience in business translation and genuine passion for languages, you can count on me to translate your texts so that they resonate with your target audience.


What I can translate for you:

  • Brochures
  • Training materials
  • Financial statements
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Websites
  • Technical manuals

In a nutshell:

Georgios Matsianikas

  • More than 20 years of translating
  • Qualified to MSc level (UK)
  • Certificate in Islamic Law (Shari’a) from the European Public Law Organization (EPLO)
  • Certificate in “An Introduction to American Law” by University of Pennsylvania on Coursera
  • Focused on continuing professional development
  • Experience in translating for EU institutions
  • Has lived in UK, USA, and Spain
  • Deep understanding of different cultures
  • Tech-savvy

When working with me…

  • You benefit from a professional and experienced translator with a genuine passion for law, marketing and business.
  • Every translation will be carried out efficiently to ensure it is everything I believe to be a good translation: linguistically-correct, culturally-adapted and industry-appropriate.
  • Thanks to my qualifications, ongoing training, and long years of experience in translating legal marketing and business texts, you can always expect the best work from me.

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